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Promposal by Rhonda Helms

Goodreads Summary:
promposal (n.)--an often public proposal, in which one person asks another to the prom, eliciting joy or mortification.

Camilla can't help hoping her secret crush, Benjamin, might randomly surprise her out of the blue with a promposal. However, when she's asked to prom by an irritating casual acquaintance--wearing a fancy tux and standing in front of a news crew--she's forced to say yes. Yet all hope's not lost. A timely school project gives Camilla a chance to get closer to Benjamin...and it seems like the chemistry between them is crackling. But is she reading into something that isn't there?

Joshua, Camilla's bestie, has been secretly in love with his gay best friend, Ethan, since middle school. Just as he decides to bite the bullet and ask Ethan if he'll go to prom with him, even if just as friends, he gets a shocking surprise: Ethan asks Joshua for help crafting the perfect promposal--for another guy. Now Joshua has to suppress his love and try to fake enthusiasm as he watches his dreams fall apart...unless he can make Ethan see that love has been right in front of his eyes the whole time.

The road to the perfect promposal isn't easy to navigate. But one thing's certain--prom season is going to be memorable.

My Review:
I really enjoyed this book! It was a very light, fun read. I do think this book is directed to more of the younger crowd of young adult. It's not quite middle grade, but it was a young book. The characters are seniors in high school, but it was just a very fluffy book.

The chapters went back and forth between Camilla and Joshua. In books where those two characters are the ones in a relationship, it works well. However, in this book both Camilla and Joshua have their own storyline going on. This could have worked well if the book was written from a different point of view and didn't switch back and forth. The way this book switched back and forth was kind of annoying. I got really invested in Camilla's story, and then the next chapter is Joshua's story. Then I would get invested in Joshua's story, and it would switch back to Camilla. That being said, it did make me keep reading because I always wanted to get back to the other character.

The two character's lives were very much intertwined since they were best friends, but I don't think that they were intertwined enough to make the switching chapters flow seamlessly. It was very choppy. If the author really wanted to write the book from each of their points of views I think it would have been better written as two separate books. I would have preferred a book with Camilla's story and just tiny snippets of Joshua, and then also a book about Joshua with small pieces of Camilla's story to really pull it all together.

That being said, there were definitely great things about this book as well! The characters were very realistic, and relatable. I remember the dramas of love in high school. There was always something new and exciting going on with the person you liked. The ending of this book seemed to wrap up too quickly for me, but it was really sweet. It was definitely a satisfying end to a sweet book. It was a fast, very cute read. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.

4 stars

I received this book for free in return for an honest review.

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