Saturday, January 31, 2015

Drowning in my TBR Pile #1

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I have WAAAY too many books on my TBR pile (both physical and on my kindle). In fact, it's out of control. So, this post is going to become a monthly thing.

Here's how it works:
At the end of every month, I am going to tell you how many books are on my TBR, how many I have added, how many I have deducted (either by reading or giving away), and my new total number of books on my TBR. This is supposed to help me keep this in check. We will see how it goes. (By the way-- this is only books that I own. They can be physical copies or on my kindle, but this does not include all the books on my goodreads list that I want to read. Just what I already own or have received for review).

For this month, I am just going to tell you how many book are on my TBR. I have to start somewhere, so from this date on is when I will being keeping track of additions and deductions.

Are you ready for it? I have..... 364 books on my TBR right now! Crazy right??

How many books do you have on your TBR? How do you keep track and keep things under control? I would love to know your secrets!

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