Friday, April 5, 2013

The Ultra Violets

The Ultra Violets by Sophie Bell

Goodreads Summary:
Meet four best friends. They’re not super…yet.
IRIS: Visionary, artist, leader--the glitter-glue that holds the group together.
CHERI: A girly-girl on platform roller-skates who's never met a rescue puppy she didn’t immediately-and-madly love.
SCARLET: Short enough that you won’t see her sneaking up behind you. Freckled enough that you might mistake her for innocent. But look out! She can pants a bully faster than you can say O-M-Jeepers!
OPALINE: Loveable, huggable, supershy, sweet as pie…or is she?
And introducing CANDACE. Not just any babysitter—she's a Teen Genius, thankyouverymuch!
What happens when four best friends find themselves splattered with mysterious purple goo during a routine sleepover? Iris, Cheri, Scarlet and Opaline are about to become…

My Review:
This book was a cute story for girls. It was definitely aimed for younger kids though. I probably would have enjoyed it when I was really young, but it is really long for the desired age range (I would say 7-11 years old). I really liked all of the pop Luther references. They were really funny and entertaining. However, for this book being written for such a you g age, I'm not sure the readers would understand or even notice those references.
The story line was really cute and enjoyable, but I didn't feel like it was very original. It felt like the stories I grew up hearing/watching/reading. Maybe that's a good sign that young girls will really like it though! I would have liked to know a little bit more about the setting. It obviously isn't realistic since the girls have super powers. So, what world is the author picturing the girls in?
Overall I thought it was a cute book. Bonus! The entire book is in purple!! :)

3 stars
I received this book for free in return for an honest review.

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