Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fall Into Reading Challenge Wrap Up

This is a challenge hosted by Callapidder Days. You can check out my goal post here.

So I ended up 7 books short, but I did have a kind of huge goal. I am really bad about setting my expectations too high for myself. I also had the busiest semester of my life, so fitting in reading was quite a challenge.
I did not read 18 books on the list, but read 11 others that I had not planned on. This left me 7 short. I read a total of 26 books. I think that was a great amount for everything else I had going on. I am pleased with the result. How did everyone else do?

Here are the books I read that were on my goal list:
Brightest Kind of Darkness
Tame a Wild Bride
Mahogany Slade
Woodrow the White House Mouse
Twelve Days to Christmas
My Favorite Mistake
A Royal Pain
Love and Other Perishable Items
A Winter Wonderland
Short-Straw Bride

Here are the books I read that were NOT on my goal list:
Eight Keys
If We Kiss
Kiss Me Again
Under the Mistletoe
An Unexpected Angel
Every Perfect Gift
Decked with Holly
Someone to Love
Mighty Meat Head
The Impossible Engineers
Hunk for the Holidays


  1. I just barely made goal. I am really bad at setting my goals too high and am kinda shocked I made this one. Loved Short-Straw Bride. :)

    Here's my wrap-up:

  2. I went off list with my reading too although I didn't include those in my wrap up. Congratulations for managing to read so much at a busy time :)

    My wrap up is here if you'd like a look :)

  3. Great job! I fell short of my goal too due to busyness!