Monday, October 29, 2012

A Royal Pain

A Royal Pain by Megan Mulry

Goodreads Summary:
Bronte Talbott follows all of the exploits of the British royals. After all, they're the world's most preeminent dysfunctional family. And who is she to judge? Bronte's own search for love isn't going all that well, especially after her smooth-talking Texan boyfriend abruptly leaves her in the dust.

Bronte keeps a lookout for a rebound to help mend her broken heart, and when she meets Max Heyworth, she's certain he's the perfect transition man. But when she discovers he's a duke, she has to decide if she wants to stay with him for the long haul and deal with the opportunities-- and challenges-- of becoming a royal.

My review:
For some reason I thought this was going to be a YA book. It was not and I was taken aback by that at first. Once I got into the book, I really started to enjoy it though. It was a cute book, and I loved the storyline. Who doesn't want to fall in love only to realize that he is part of the royal family?! I think we all dream of being royalty at some point in our lives. Max was so sweet to her and I loved that. I really enjoyed their interactions. Overall this book was really good.
I did have some problems with it though. Apparently Bronte was obsessed with royalty when she was younger. That is only mentioned once in the whole book though. I wish that fact would have been more intertwined with her current life. For example, how her old obsession with royalty made her feel now that she was dating royalty. I also thought that this book went by really slowly. By the second half of the book I was having to force myself to finish the book. There is also quite a bit of language.

3 stars
I received this book for free in return for an honest review.

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