Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Unwritten Rule

The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott

Goodreads summary:
He's looking at me like—well, like he wants to look at me. Like he likes what he sees, and he's smiling and his eyes are so blue, even in the faint flow of the porch light they shine, and I nod dumbly, blindly, and then grope for the door handle, telling myself to look away and yet not able to do it.
"Sara," he says, softly, almost hesitantly, and my heart slam-bangs, beating hard, and this is what it's like to want someone you can't have. To want someone you shouldn't even be looking at.

Sarah and Brianna have always been friends, and it's always gone like this: guys talk to Sarah in order to get closer to Brianna. So even though Sarah met Ryan first, she's not surprised that he ends up with Brianna (even though Sarah has a massive crush on him).

The three of them hang out, and Sarah and Ryan's friendship grows until one night an innocent exchange between them leads to a moment that makes Sarah realize that Ryan might be interested in her after all. But if there's one unwritten rule, it's this: you don't mess around with a friend's boyfriend.

So Sarah tries to resist temptation. But with the three of them thrown together more and more, tension builds between Sarah and Ryan, and when they find themselves alone together at one point, they realize they just can't fight how they feel anymore....

My Review:
I could not get enough of this book! I absolutely loved reading it. It felt extremely realistic, like something that could happen to me or someone I know. I loved that the writing was in first person, because I felt like I really got to know Sarah and her feelings.
I thought all of the characters were developed really well, and I enjoyed reading about them as well.
There were a few bad words in the last chapter or two, but other than that this is a pretty clean book.

5 stars

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