Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Kindling

The Kindling by Braden Bell

Goodreads summary:
All thirteen-year-old Conner Dell wants to do is pass pre-algebra, play lacrosse, and possibly kiss Melanie Stephens. He didn’t mean to set anyone’s gym shorts on fire or make school lunches explode. But now that the strange powers inside him have been ignited, Conner’s normal teenage life is about to go up in flames!
This fast-paced novel is non-stop fun for kids and parents alike. With characters you can’t help but root for, a plot that keeps you guessing, and plenty of humor, it’s a guaranteed thrill ride from cover to cover!

My review:
This book was action packed with just a hint of romance. I was so into this book! I could not wait to see what would happen next. I would look up like two hours after I started reading and not realize how much I had read. It was a very intriguing and creative story.
My only complaint is I wish some of the Magi stuff had been explained just a little bit more. In some parts I was very confused. Other than that, this was an awesome book!

4 stars

I received this book for free in return for an honest review.


  1. Thank you, Morgan! I appreciate your review and I'm glad you liked it. I think your comment on more explanations is a very good one. Trying to balance explaining with pacing was tricky, especially since I was worried about young readers losing interest. I'm working on the sequel right now, so this is very helpful feedback for me to remember! And, because I'm a total nerd about this book, I'd be happy to provide answers for any questions you have :) Thanks again!

    1. I totally understand about having to balance the explanations, especially for younger readers! I think you did a great job explaining a majority of the things! :)

  2. This sounds good...reminds me a little of Percy Jackson which was a great series. Thanks for the review.