Saturday, June 16, 2012

Your Heart's Desire

Your Heart's Desire by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Amazon Summary:
Hope and healing for every woman who has ever loved a man
Bestselling author and Bible life coach Sheri Rose Shepherd shares 14 truths that will forever change the way you love and are loved. This book is written for the married woman who loves her man but struggles in her marriage. It’s for the single woman who wants to find a godly man to love and for the divorced woman who believed in her marriage until her man walked out.
Each chapter has life-challenging love stories, love coaching, powerful prayers, inspiring scriptural love letters, and a Transforming Truth.
If you’re ready for a refreshing perspective on love, men, and marriage, this book is for you

My Review:
This is a must read for all women. It is directed more at married women, but parts of it are directed at singles. And even if you are single/engaged I think it would be great to start a marriage knowing all of these things. This is great Godly advice on relationships and how to be the best wife and mother you can be. Some chapters were more boring than others, but I think they were all important. I definitely recommend this.

4 stars

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