Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spring Argyle

Spring Argyle by Christine Cunningham

Amazon summary:
Jacob just bought Willow Reed's book store. He loves the quiet life between the shelves of dusty books. If only his best friend Liz would see him as more than a friend life would be complete. Enter Sydney, a flirtatious brunette who turns Jacob's world upside down. Who will be the one for Jacob when the dust settles?

My review:
This was a really cute book that I enjoyed reading. It went very fast and kept me interested the whole time. I felt like some of the characters were underdeveloped, and I would have liked to know more about them. The conflict seemed kinda of fake as well. It almost seemed like the kind of conflict you would find in a children's book. Overall though, this was a very cute book.

4 stars

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I don't read very often and find it hard to keep myself interested to be honest... I usually prefer short stories and poetry to novels. I'm interested in this one, though, because I love love stories and also because you said it was a cute and fast-paced book. I bet it'd keep my interest!