Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Identical Differences

Identical Differences by Erynn Mangum

This is a new book by my favorite author, Erynn Mangum! This book is a kindle-only book, but you can read it even if you don't have a kindle! Download the free kindle app for your phone or your computer and you can read it from there!

Amazon summary:
Alexia Patterson has spent her whole life waiting to get out of small town Longsville, Oregon. Her twin sister, Rachel, is a completely different story. When Rachel calls to tell Lexi that she’s engaged and asks her to come home for a few weeks before the wedding, Lexi is anything but eager to go back to Longsville. Add in Justin MacPherson, a guy she’s hated since junior high, and the two weeks are not looking good. Surely God’s plan isn’t to make Lexi insane, right?

My review:
Erynn Mangum writes the funniest, Chrstian fiction novels about young women. I love her books and the purity in them. Her characters are so easy to relate to that I feel like they are my best friends while I am reading the book. This is a novella, so it is supposed to be short. However, I thought this one may have been too short. Erynn usually does a great job with her novellas (and her novels :) but I felt like the characters in this book needed to be developed a little more. While it was a very cute story and perfect for the summer time, I wanted to know more about these characters. This is such an easy read. I read it in a couple hours and I definitely suggest it. This is the only book of Erynn's that I have yet to be obsessed with, but it was still a very sweet story that I enjoyed reading.

4 stars.

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