Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Guardian Duke

The Guardian Duke (Forgotten Castles #1) by Jamie Carie

Goodreads summary:
The Guardian Duke is award-winning novelist Jamie Carie’s most exciting story yet, a uniquely arranged Regency-era romantic adventure where hero and heroine know each other through written letters but have yet to meet.Gabriel, the Duke of St. Easton, is ordered by the King to take guardianship over Lady Alexandria Featherstone whose parents are presumed dead after failing to return from a high profile treasure hunt. But Alexandria ignores this royal reassignment, believing her parents are still alive and duly following clues that may lead to their whereabouts. Gabriel, pressured by what are actually the King’s ulterior motives, pursues her across windswept England and the rolling green hills of Ireland but is always one step behind.When they do meet, the search for earthly treasure will pale in comparison to what God has planned for both of them.

My review:
This is a historical fiction book that took place in the 1800s. I somewhat enjoyed this story, but I definitely would not read it again. The whole story seemed very drawn out and never-ending. The duke would think he had caught up to Alex, only to find that he had just missed her. It just seemed very repetitive and unnecessary at times. I did love the romance part though. I loved their letters to each other and how Duke Gabriel found letters she had written to him but never meant for him to read. It was a creative way to show the readers her feelings toward Gabriel.
The thing that caught me most off guard was the ending. It ended so suddenly and was not at all what I was hoping for. So I was very frustrated with that. But after learning that it is a series, the ending makes more sense. It is more of a cliffhanger than just a bad ending.

3 stars

I received this book for free from net galley. I was not required to write a positive review and I did not get anything in return for my review.


  1. So, I've heard about this book before, but I wrote it off because the title sounds... odd, but I'm interested to give it a shot after your review. I want to try to get into historical fiction, or at least give it a chance!

    I hate cliffhanger's too... lol

    1. It was an interesting book but you should read it! My favorite author of historical fiction is karen whitemeyer. I'm reading one of hers right now and cannot put it down. It is Christian fiction though, not sure if that interests you but I love her stuff.