Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Chance to Love You

Another Chance to Love You by Robin Lee Hatcher

Monica tells the only man that she has ever loved that they have an 11 year old daughter. Daniel had left Monica heartbroken. He had truly hurt her, wanting fame more than love. In the following years, she found faith in the Lord and turned her life around. When he came to town, she knew she had to tell him the truth about their daughter. She had kept this secret for too long. To her surprise, he was very interested in getting to know their daughter. During the time he is back home, he falls in love with Monica all over again. Will she risk getting her heart broken again by the man she has always loved?

This is a great story of redemption and second chances. It was originally written without the Christian take, but that was later added. I think it is a great addition, and it makes the story as good as it is. I really enjoyed reading this book.

I recommend this book.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Unveiled by Francine Rivers

Unveiled is the first book in the Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers. Each book in this series tells the story of a different woman of the Bible. This book is the story of Tamar. In the Bible, Tamar’s story can be found in Genesis 38.

This series is historical fiction in the sense that not everything in the book is known to be true. It is based on Tamar’s life and how she felt during these times. It is a very believable portrayal of what she was probably thinking and feeling during the trials she faced. I kept having to remind myself that even though this book was well researched, we have no way of knowing what Tamar was thinking.

This book is absolutely amazing, as is everything else I’ve read by Francine Rivers. However, there are some things in the book that cause me to suggest no one under 16 or 17 read it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read the rest of the series.

I would definitely recommend this book.

*I read the rest of the series, and they are amazing! The book about Ruth (I think it's the 3rd) was by far my favorite, but they are all SO, SO, SO good! Everyone should read this series!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sketchy Behavior

Sketchy Behavior by Erynn Mangum

This is a fun book about a 16-year-old girl who is extremely talented at art. She ends up drawing a criminal just by his description, which puts her in danger. She is surrounded by police officers at all times, and her life suddenly changes from average and boring, to exciting and scary. It’s a really cute story.

Erynn Mangum is one of my favorite authors. I love all her work, and you should read them all!! I was a little shocked though, when I found more of a mystery in this book instead of her usual romance stories. It was nice to see her do something a little different, but I am always going to choose a love story over a mystery. Regardless, it was a great book that I enjoyed reading.

I recommend this book.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Gold-Threaded Dress

The Gold-Threaded Dress by Carolyn Marsden

This is a story about a 4th grade girl, Oy, from Thailand. She wants to be in the group of popular girls so badly that she brings her special dress from Thailand for them to try on after they tell her that is the only way she can be in the club. The girls end up tearing it, and then get in trouble with the principal for changing clothes on the playground.

Oy learns a lot about her culture and her parents. She expected them to be mad and not understand the hard times she was having at school. Instead, she realized her mother knows how hard it is to fit in as well.

There’s a cute little twist in the book at the end. Frankie had been bullying her throughout the book, calling her Chinese. In the end, he apologizes and tells her he is in fact a quarter Chinese. Oy has finally found her friend.

This is a cute book with several great lessons in it. However, there was some stuff about Buddah and their religion, so just be careful with that.

I recommend this book.