Saturday, August 6, 2011

Catching Katie

Catching Katie by Robin Lee Hatcher

This is a Christian historical fiction book that takes place in Idaho in 1916. Katie Jones is dedicated to fighting to women’s rights. Upon returning home to Idaho, she falls in love with Ben, her best friend from childhood. She fights her feelings for him, believing that she is not able to both fight for women’s rights and be married. However, he wants nothing more than for her to marry him and start a family together. After they are married, she still refuses to completely give in to her feelings for him, even though he is willing to make their marriage be an equal partnership. This causes some friction in their relationship causing them both to be miserable for a while. In the end, they both realize they love each other and need to compromise.

The story switches back and forth for being told in different characters’ points of view. This would have been great if it was just Katie and Ben’s perspectives that we received, but at times it was told from Ben’s sister’s perspective. It was this way with numerous different characters, which made the story hard to follow at times.

Along with this, Ben and Katie’s disagreement seemed to drag on and on. It was definitely an important disagreement, but I felt like the author could have not dragged it out as long. I understand it was for suspense, but I almost got bored with the waiting for something to happen.

However, this book was a great love story that I enjoyed reading. It was a good story about trusting that God has the perfect plan for you. What you think is His plan for you, may not be, so you have to keep seeking His guidance in everything. Great reminder!

I would definitely recommend this book.

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